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What are IBM Cloud Paks?

IBM Cloud Paks are AI-powered software solutions for hybrid clouds that enable intelligent workflows to be fully implemented in companies to accelerate their digital transformation.

IBM Cloud Paks harness the power of IBM Watson to apply AI to companies. Predict and shape future results, automate complex processes, optimise staff time and create more meaningful customer experiences.

Red Hat® OpenShift

Built on Red Hat® OpenShift, applications can be developed in one go and implemented anywhere in any cloud. Moreover, security can be integrated across the entire IT domain and activities can be automated with good insights for management. IBM Cloud Paks share a common foundation of business components that accelerate development, provide seamless integration, and help improve collaboration and efficiency.

Six different Cloud Paks are available.

  1. IBM Cloud Pak for Data

    IBM Cloud Pak for Data helps unify and simplify data collection, organisation and analysis. Companies can convert data into insights via an integrated cloud-native architecture. IBM Cloud Pak for Data is expandable and easily adapted to unique customer data and AI landscapes through an integrated catalogue of IBM, open-source and third-party microservices add-ons.

  2. IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation

    IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation helps achieve better business performance by applying intelligent automation to transform core business activities. Built for any hybrid cloud, this modular set of integrated software quickly solves the toughest operational challenges. It includes the broadest range of AI-powered automation capabilities on the market – content, capture, decisions, workflows and RPA – with a flexible model that allows you to start small and scale up as your needs evolve.

  3. IBM Cloud Pak for Watson AIOps

    IBM Cloud Pak for Watson AIOps is an AIOps solution that allows you to deploy advanced, explainable AI throughout the ITOps toolchain to properly assess, diagnose and resolve incidents for enterprise-critical workloads. It is a unique application-oriented approach to ITOps that allows you to automate labour-intensive IT processes and proactively mitigate major events. With IBM Cloud Pak for Watson AIOps, you can improve responsiveness and reduce risk with AI at the heart of your IT mission.

  4. IBM Cloud Pak for Integration

    IBM Cloud Pak for Integration helps deliver a new, AI-accelerated approach to integration. This approach enables extended teams to create integrations and uses a complete set of integration styles, as well as integrating AI and automation throughout the integration lifecycle. Meet growing demand, help reduce costs and increase operational flexibility with capabilities such as API management, application and data integration, messages and events, fast transfer and end-to-end security.

  5. IBM Cloud Pak for Network Automation

    IBM Cloud Pak for Network Automation is an AI-powered cloud platform that enables the automation of network operations, enabling communications service providers (CSPs) to transform their networks, evolve towards zero-touch operations, reduce OPEX and deliver services faster. CSPs get a range of enhanced capabilities, such as standardised lifecycle modelling, intent-driven orchestration, service design and testing, dynamic service guarantees and closed-loop operations.

  6. IBM Cloud Pak for Security

    IBM Cloud Pak for Security helps detect threats, make well-considered decisions about the risks and respond more quickly to those threats while keeping data where it is. Customers can integrate tools and connect workflows in hybrid, multi-cloud environments using a security platform that can run anywhere.

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